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Explanatory Models

If you have data, don't let them sleep. We fulfill these needs:

  • Organizational development: Find the factors that affect your turnover, your customer acquisition or churn, etc.

  • Visibility and marketing: Publish hard-hitting communiqués with results that get you noticed

  • Program evaluation: Answer the question: Do my organizational changes, interventions, etc., lead to the expected results?

Predictive Models

If you want to...

  • Predict future information

  • Replace data collection with a best guess

  • Automate processes

This service is for you. Here, we are talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence.

You heard that you "need an enormous quantity of data" to profit from these technologies? Not necessarily! If you are not certain whether there is potential for you, contact us, we will let you know quickly if we can help.

Coaching for Managers and Executives

If you are a manager, executive, project or business development manager, this service is for you.

We accompany you to:

  • Find how to best utilize the data that you already have

  • Generate a list of projects with your data

  • Better understand what your technical teams do day to day

Coaching for Employees

If you want to do your own data analyses, explanatory and predictive models, visualizations, etc., but you aren't sure where to start? This service is for you:

  • Training sessions

  • Practical support in your projects

With a mix of learning and concrete applications useful to your current job, you will become a data master yourself. Our goal is to make you autonomous.

Warning! This coaching format is not for large groups! On the contrary: you will benefit from an individualized approach, targeted to your needs and desires.


You are a manager and want to validate your teams' work? You are an employee and want ideas, advice, technical support?

We offer an auditing service:

  • Validation of the completed work

  • Technical support and advice for the people who work with data

  • Recommendations on the use and processing of your data

Data Collection

You don't have a lot of data and don't want to miss the boat? You want to put the odds on your side to use data in a few years?

We can help you with your data collection, so that it is useful to you and reliable for years to come:

  • New data collection

  • Creation of a yearly survey

  • Improvement to a current data collection

Scientific Communication

If you are a professor, student, researcher, and you have data and statistical needs for your communication, this service is for you:

  • Scientific article

  • Doctoral dissertation, master's thesis, undergraduate thesis

  • Report to a funding agency

  • Poster communication

  • Talk

We have a long history of success with scientific publications. We accompany you with statistical analyses that get published.

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